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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrade in Canberra

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing & Balustrade is today's most popular choice when it comes to glass fencing. 'Frameless' is the combination of 12mm clear toughened glass supported by stainless steel friction spigots.


- 2205 duplex stainless steel spigots with the choice of round or square and mirror or satin finish.


- Self closing glass gates for complete 'pool-safe" compliance. Choice of spring or hydraulic hinges.


- 316 stainless steel top rail for use on Balustrades. Choice of round or square and mirror or satin.



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From small household balustrades to large glass fencing pool jobs!
Standoff Glass Fencing & Balustrade

Standoff Glass Fencing & Balustrade is a system that uses 'pin' fixings that can be face mounted in numerous applications such as decks, concrete slabs, stair cases and steel just to name a few.


This allows your glass to be structurally sound while keeping your view free of unnecessary obtrusions. Standoff glass is also ideal for maximising space due to it being fixed down past the outside of your balcony or staircase where other methods are fixed up on top.


- 316 stainless steel fixings.




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