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Welcome to Glass Fencing and Balustrades ACT, Canberra's experienced and dedicated glass fencing and balustrade specialists.

We design, custom manufacture, supply and install residential and commercial glass fencing and balustrades.


Our staff have experience in every fencing situation, no matter how big or small the job. Whatever your needs, whether you're looking for an elegant, functional and safe fence for your home, or perhaps a balustrade that offers uninterrupted views from the balcony's of your new commercial development, our friendly staff are happy to provide the advice you need.


At Glass Fencing and Balustrades ACT we can help you find and install the perfect fence for your Pool or Balcony.  We pride ourselves in providing quality installation services for all our clients, and we'll work together with you to make sure your project is executed to perfection, on time and within your budget.


Our staff have extensive installation experience and can help you choose the fence style and materials that will work best for you.

Not only are we able to provide you with knowledgeable advice, we will make sure all the materials we use are of the highest quality.




All our glass and hardware supplied is in compliance with AS/NZS1288, AS/NZS2208, AS/NZS1170.1 & AS/NZS1170.2.  

High Quality Glass Fencing & Balustrades in ACT


Glass Fencing Canberra



ClearShield Low-M® Glass is a unique and higher quality of glass, which can be kept looking and performing like new with its promise of exceptional visibility, sparkling appearance and ease of cleaning.


When a simple and economical After-Care programme is applied in the prescribed manner, ClearShield glass looks and continues to perform like new for up to 10 years or more.


ClearShield is a polymeric resin that cross-links with the glass and itself, forming a strong chemical bond. The result is a multi-molecular protection less than 1 micron in thickness that is non-tinted, completely transparent, chemically inert, non flammable, and non-hazardous.


For more information please contact us for more information on Glass Fencing and Glass Balustrades in ACT.

About our Clear Shield Glass products...

Glass Fencing in Canberra

Glass Fencing Information

Glass Fencing Service Areas

Based in Canberra, we service the South Coast, and surrounding regions such as Bungendore, Goulburn, Murrumbateman and Cooma.


Contact us for more information and services areas.

Ph: 0412 088 495

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